Take the Northfield downtown parking straw poll

Northfield Parking Straw Poll

Our Northfield downtown parking straw poll is ready! It only takes 5 minutes to complete, unless of course, you choose to include comments with it.

For rationale and background, see the Jan. 7 blog post, Help design the downtown parking online straw poll.


4 thoughts on “Take the Northfield downtown parking straw poll

  1. Daniel Riggins

    Regarding the Bicycle Commuters initiative, I believe removing rules restricting use of non-motorized transportation downtown would help. The restrictions on bikes, rollerblades and skateboards discourage people from using non-motorized transportation to come downtown.
    These policies are antiquated , project an unwelcoming feeling and are self-defeating in this regard. The reason for this rule in the first place is unclear as I am unaware of any great carnage caused by bicyclists, skateboarders or rollerblades.
    Changing these rules and taking down the signs posted around downtown displaying
    bicycles,skateboards and rollerblades as items banned from use will in my opinion increase
    their use and the use of downtown.
    Best of all implementing this plan would cost nothing and could be implemented quickly with very little effort. This change has the added benefit of reducing the pressure on downtown parking – and its free!

  2. Dean Kjerland

    I am a walker, I don’t own a vehicle, so, In order to get past the first page of the poll I just wrote something in the Other (Comment) block for each question. That let me get to the second page and complete the poll – must be a more user-friendly re-design of the poll to get other non-motorized folks to participate?

  3. Griff Wigley Post author

    Dan, glad you chimed in. Did you take the poll as well? I added a section there based on your face-to-face comment in GBM last week.

    Dean, it never occurred to me that we’d have non-vehicle owners taking the parking poll but I can see now why we would. I can’t edit the poll now but help me remember to fix it when we do another straw poll at the end of the project.

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