Building owners’ meeting, Jan. 28 at the Rueb

DSC08361 DSC08336 DSC08349

DSC08351 DSC08358 DSC08350
About a dozen downtown building owners met at J. Grundy’s Rueb ‘n’ Stein on Monday evening to discuss downtown parking. Ross Currier hosted the meeting and I was the designated photographer. It was the first of several stakeholder group meetings that will be held over the next few weeks. (See Ross’ Jan. 24 blog post, Planning for stakeholder input on downtown parking management.)

DSC08368 DSC08367
The group generated a list of items they they’d like to see discussed. If you can’t read Ross’ handwriting in the above photos, here’s Ross’ post-meeting translation:

  • Enforce Parking Limits
  • Better Accommodate Bicycles and Motorcycles
  • Change Striping (ex. “Save this Space for Our Customers”)
  • Add 20-Minute Parking Spaces
  • Hire Traffic Warden
  • Prioritize Enforcement with City/Community Leadership
  • Consider Remote Parking (ex. Q Block)
  • Encourage Employer Enforcement
  • Pursue Public-Private Partnerships (ex. Premier Bank)
  • Change Parallel to Diagonal (ex. Water Street)
  • Consider Installing Parking Meters
  • Launch Educational Program
  • Encourage Employee Parking in Residential Neighborhoods
  • Create Temporary Parking Lots (ex. The Crossing)
  • Install More “P” Signs
  • Review Locations of S-T and L-T Parking

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