Buckheit Nakasian memo - Short and long-term options for addressing parking needs in the Downtown Sep 18 2012The City Council of Northfield, Minnesota has decided that there’s a need for a parking management plan for downtown in order to better use current parking resources.

It has asked City staff to involve downtown property owners, businesses and residents in developing recommendations on how to manage existing public and private parking in the downtown area. See the Sep. 18, 2021 memo to Council and staff from Councilors Betsey Buckheit and Suzie Nakasian for background. (In a separate directive, the Council has directed City staff to explore additional parking lots near downtown. That will not be part of this project.)

SONY DSCThe City has asked Ross Currier, Executive Director of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC), to take the lead on setting up and managing the development of this parking management plan, including conducting the meetings and developing the public engagement process. Based on this process, the NDDC will then present a report of its findings and recommendations to the City Council. See the 12.18.12 Consensus statement of the Council parking committee & NDDC.

The City has contracted with Griff Wigley, Wigley and Associates, to A) create and manage the online platform for the project; and B) to use a variety of online interactive services, including social media sites, to provide ways for the stakeholders and residents to participate online.