• Will there be discussion of the pros and cons of adding more parking lots or a parking ramp?
    No. The intent of the parking conversation is to focus on the management of existing parking resources and reduce the demand for additional parking in the future. The Council has already directed City staff to negotiate the purchase of property downtown for additional lot parking. A parking ramp is not currently part of the long-term parking solution for downtown Northfield.
  • Is there a budget for implementing the recommendations for a parking management plan?
    No. However, if certain recommendations rise to the top and there is a clear return on investment, the City Council could decide to allocate funding.
  • How are you defining downtown Northfield for the purposes of this parking management plan?
    The focus of our efforts is the Downtown Historic District, shaded in red on this map, and its contiguous streets and blocks.
  • When the City and the NDDC talk about ‘stakeholders,’ who exactly are they?
    The primary stakeholders are (in no particular order) downtown building owners; downtown business owners; downtown workers; and government, education, and non-profit organizations with downtown interests. But all area residents, citizens, and taxpayers have a degree of ownership of downtown and we seek their input on this issue, too.