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Bicycle commuters’ meeting, Feb. 6 at the Goodbye Blue Monday

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Eight bicycle commuters met at the Goodbye Blue Monday on Wednesday morning to discuss Northfield bicycling issues directly or indirectly related to downtown parking. Ross Currier hosted the meeting and I was the designated photographer. It was the second of several stakeholder group meetings that will be held over the next few weeks. (See Ross’ Jan. 24 blog post, Planning for stakeholder input on downtown parking management.)

The group generated a list of items they they’d like to see discussed. Here’s Ross’ post-meeting translation:

  • Mark the Existing and Planned Routes
  • Paint the Center and Parking/Shoulder Lines
  • Focus on the “Priority” Routes
  • Improve Access to “Designated” Routes
  • Improve Connectivity Through the Neighborhoods
  • Improve Availability of “Route Literature”
  • Make Routes “Family-Friendly”
  • Spend Money on Center Line and “Shared” (Bike and Parking) Painting
  • Finish the Mill Towns Trail
  • Finish the Trail/Route Connections
  • Distribute Map of Bike Routes/Trails
  • Connect at the “Hub”/Connect at the “Spokes”
  • Create Events that Highlight Bike Opportunities
  • Create Bike Tour of Northfield Trails/Routes
  • Provide Reliable Bike Parking Throughout Community
  • Provide High Density Bike Parking at Key Locations
  • Visually Emphasize Bike-Friendliness
  • Make Bike Parking Extremely Convenient
  • Get Rid of the “No Biking” Graffiti/Signs
  • Recognize Danger of Diagonal Vehicle Parking
  • Pursue 15-20 mph Speed Limits in Downtown District
  • Install Seasonal High Density Bike Racks
  • Raise Visibility of Existing Bike Parking
  • Consider Bike Parking Opportunities in “Yellow Zones”
  • Pursue Private-Public Partnership for High Density Bike Parking
  • Create/Distribute Posters of Bike Infrastructure
  • Start a “Bike Northfield” Campaign
  • Connect with DJJD Bike Tour on Event
  • Plan TIGER Trail Dedication Event
  • Include Bike Shops as Part of Existing Infrastructure
  • Publicize Bike Repair Stations
  • Emphasize Multi-Modal Transportation Ecosystem
  • Use Seasonal Cross-Walk Signs

How is this engagement project going to work?

We’re planning to use a variety of online tools along with face-to-face meetings to gather information and engage downtown stakeholders and Northfield area citizens around the components of a parking management plan. Everything we plan to do, whether face-to-face or online, will be blogged here.  And then we’ll blog about it after it’s over. The idea is to have ONE place where everything is ‘housed’ to make it as easy as possible for the citizenry to learn about the issue, participate, and refer back to what happened anytime.

Engagement spectrum

The red box on the involvement spectrum above indicates the approximate spot where we think this project resides.  It won’t be just ‘inform and consult’ but more towards ‘include and collaborate’ because we’ll be asking you to help identify the issues, develop alternatives, and weigh in with your choice of the preferred solutions.

So there you have it: vague details and sketchy theory!

While we prepare to make things more concrete, feel free to comment and ask questions by using the comment box below.